Cat & Vegas’ Comedy bus tour

Are you ready for the coolest comedy experience of your life...on WHEELS?!


New Jersey’s musical improv comedy duo Cat & Vegas and The Temple of Boom have partnered with the E Street Shuttle party bus service bringing you the most unique comedy road trip the Jersey Shore can offer. Experience a show full of laughter and fun starting our route from Red Bank, NJ into Asbury Park and back again! Guess what? You can make Cat and Vegas’ Comedy Bus Tour a part of your nightlife routine because EVERY show is DIFFERENT. That's right. Cat and Vegas create NEW songs every show based on YOUR awesome suggestions. Oh, and it's BYOB! If you can hold it, you can drink it! This is so exciting.

The show will begin promptly at 7p, Saturday November 24th! Cat and Vegas will perform for the duration of our ride to Asbury Park where we will take a 20-minute intermission at the rest area at Convention Hall, then hop on board the bus for the rest of the show!

Duration: approximately One hr 40min

Side-affects might include happiness, overt smiling, and pleasantly dismayed head-shaking.

Wondering who to bring on the bus? Picture this! Close Friends, Family (21+ please), Coworkers, Bandmates, Book Club, Equestrian Society, Wedding Parties, Ex-Girlfriends, Birthday Party Friends, Bachelor(ette) Friends, Wine Club, Theater Club, Poker Buddies, Long Lost Pals, and Unrequited Lovers.

First time seeing improv? Improv Comedy is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters and dialogue of a scene, song, or story are made up in the moment. Cat and Vegas must work together responsively to define the parameters and action of the scene/song, in a process of cooperative creation. Basically you are witnessing genius itself. You're welcome.

Why is the E Street Shuttle the perfect rolling improv stage?

The E Street Shuttle is a converted school bus with wood floors, a wood ceiling and perimeter seating. It has a laid-back coastal vibe, and it's been described as a beach bungalow on wheels. One dude even proclaimed, "This bus is nicer than my APARTMENT!" 

Folks, let's keep this bus nicer than that dude's apartment! Enjoy yourself, have fun, but keep in mind you're on a moving vehicle. Staying seated greatly prevents a mishaps, spilled drinks, or snacks. Every E Street Shuttle's driver is a CDL-certified. This isn't so much a party bus as a rolling venue, so conduct is expected accordingly.

Patrick Burke is the founder and owner of The E Street Shuttle. He had a unique idea for a luxury transportation service for the Jersey Shore, and from that idea The E Street Shuttle was born. Prior to starting this business, Patrick had a lengthy career as a journalist, beginning as a reporter for the Asbury Park Press, and later as an editor at the New York Post. Cat and Vegas will challenge Pat to a rap battle one day.

To book your seats on Cat and Vegas’ Comedy Bus Tour email

or call +1.732.299.9097 for more details and dates!

Tickets: $30 Time: Nov 24, 7p

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The wheels on the bus go Ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaaa!